Search & Destroy -- NEW --
This is a 1-life gametype, with rounds that typically last up to 3-4 minutes. The attackers have to plant bomb(s) on objective(s) to destroy them, or they can eliminate the defenders. The defenders have to prevent the attackers from planting bomb(s), eliminate them, or defuse the bomb(s) if planted.

Our implementation allows server admins to select between two options:
  • No physical bomb: everyone carries a bomb, but the number of plant(s) is limited. This option, much simpler, is generally to be used on pub servers.
  • With physical bomb(s): a physical bomb has to be picked on the ground, and carried to the objective. It is dropped when dying, and appears on the hud and map. This option should typically be used on competition servers.

S&D is typically best played with 6-20 players, with 1 bomb and 2 objectives (1 destruction required). Our implementation supports any quantity of bombs and objectives. A single map can scale itself automatically based on the number of slots. For example, CGT_RSSD-Peleliu has a 1 bomb/2 objectives setup for 0-32 slots, and goes to 3 bombs/3 objectives for 32+ slots. However, the server admin can force one setup or the other.

  • Custom Bomb Asset
  • 1 Custom Stopwatch per Nation
  • Custom HUD & Map Icons (Bombs, Carriers and Objectives)
  • Custom Team Points Messages
  • Custom Sounds
  • And many more!

For the initial release of S&D, we have the following maps (bombs/objectives/req. destructions, size):
  • CGT_SD-Apartments (1/2/1, small)
  • CGT_SD-BarracksJail (1/2/1, small)
  • CGT_SD-FactoryPlateMill (1/2/1 & 3/3/2, large)
  • CGT_SD-FallenFighters (1/2/1, medium)
  • CGT_SD-StationNorthHall (1/2/1, medium)
  • CGT_SD-Warehouse (1/2/1, medium)
  • CGT_RSSD-HantoBase (1/2/1, large)
  • CGT_RSSD-Peleliu (1/2/1 & 3/3/2, large)
  • CGT_RSSD-SaipanSugarMill (1/2/1, medium)
  • CGT_RSSD-SaipanTown (1/2/1 & 3/3/2, large)

The converted maps have an average size of 23 MBs, which results in a very quick download from a redirect.

[CGT] Countdown -- USED ON TWIL --
This is how the stock Countdown used to be, with some improvements. The time to beat is the total time, not only the time on the last objective. With CGT_CD, it is possible to capture one objective further. The Progression Widget has been overhauled to explain these modified conditions of victory. Also, the automatic reinforcements can be disabled.

The rules haven't changed, but we now have CGT_RSSD. In other words, any Rising Storm map can play the CGT version of Countdown.

ALL (RO2 and RS) stock maps now supported (including MCP)!

Capture The Flag
This is the classic gametype that you may have played in many other games. You have to take the flag of the enemy and bring it to your own flag bay to capture it. You can only capture when your own flag is home. The team that captures the most flags wins.

Nothing major for this one, except that some bugs have been fixed and some maps have been updated.

  • CGT_CTF-Apartments
  • CGT_CTF-Barracks
  • CGT_CTF-GrainElevator
  • CGT_CTF-Spartanovka
  • CGT_CTF-Station
  • CGT_CTF-Warehouse

Server Preload
The files will be available to server admins 24-48h before the release. To get the links, send me a PM. The only condition is that the maps have to be run password-protected until the release occurs (see at the top for exact date and time).

[CGT] 3.0 is the result of more than 1000+ hours of work, cumulted by a team of enthusiastic modders. I want to be the first to thank all [CGT] Developers, and congratulate them on this amazing release. I also want to thank all Testers that helped us to test the gameplay, find bugs and helped with their excellent suggestions.
  • Director: -=THOR=-
  • Programmers: -=THOR=-, Chasse and ShirtyKezRat
  • Gameplay Design: Mad_Fred, -=THOR=-, Chasse, met and GrimReality
  • Level Design: met and Mad_Fred
  • Level Creation: Mad_Fred
  • Level Conversion: -=THOR=-, Piriou, ShirtyKezRat and Spaehling
  • Audio: -=THOR=- and Sauron974
  • Textures/Materials: GrimReality, Gordon Freeman, Ian Runnels, -=THOR=-, Mad_Fred and Chasse
  • 3D Modeling: GrimReality, Ian Runnels and Mad_Fred
  • Special Thanks: Traxx, Moskeeto, [CGT] Testers and Rising Storm Testers
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